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First you need to install and run the server from Follow the README. If you have issues getting OpenXR to work, try running first.

After the server is running, you'll need to run some clients. Here's a demo showing some off: A showcase of some different clients

Non-exhaustive list of clients:

  • Flatland: A panel item UI (XR equivalent of a window manager) so you can interact with your apps using virtual touchscreens. To show Wayland apps, run them with the proper WAYLAND_DISPLAY environment variable, in the server's startup script, or use a stardust launcher such as gravity or protostar. Flatland works great in 3DoF or 6DoF with direct touch and pointer interaction. A flat panel containing the prism launcher
  • Gravity: Command line tool to launch programs inside of stardust at a particular offset in space. This is nestable so you can run a script using gravity, and then gravity inside that script to make a whole composed setup out of thin air! It also ensures that everything launched through it will properly connect to the stardust server, such as wayland clients.
  • Protostar: Prototype app launcher library/examples. Grab app icons and drop them in space to launch apps where they're dropped.
  • Magnetar: Workspaces in 3D. Any object inside the rings will move with them, so you can move a bunch of stuff out of the way temporarily when you don't need it.