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Derived from Spatial (scalable: false)#

Represents an input device generically, with specifics being fleshed out in subclasses.

Internal Properties#

type: uint8#

0GlobalA non-spatial input, used for power buttons and system volume and such
1ControllerContains a pose and datamap for buttons, trackpad, joystick, grip, trigger, etc.
2PointerInputDefined by origin, direction, and tilt with datamap for buttons, trackpad, etc.
3HandInputContains a full 27-bone hand skeleton (including forearm) and datamap for abstractions like grip, pinch distance/point, etc.

datamap: Dictionary#

See Datamap:

Internal Methods#

distanceToField(string field)#

Returns the distance from this input to a field in meters. field is the name of the field, not the full path.


Returns a serialized version of the InputMethod, each serialized schema is shown under #Serialization in the respective Input subclasses.


KeyValue Type


The datamap is a dictionary containing abstracted and raw data related to the input that clients can use to analyze input in the most optimal way. It has keys of type Key(Flexbuffers-specific, in any other language use a String) and values:

TypeExample UsesUsage Notes
boolDigital buttonsIf values are analog, use a float instead with 1.0 being considered true.
floatAnalog trigger, gripFor values such as grip/trigger, make the range 0.0-1.0, for something like a scroll wheel -0.5-0.5.
Vector2Touchpad, joystickFor values such as trackpad and joystick, make each component in the range of -0.5-0.5 and calculate+apply deadzone before setting these values.
Vector3Pinch position, grip axis vectorFor points and directions, make this a value inside the InputMethod's local space. Raw hand pose data should not be put in the datamap.
stringInput device type/nameDevice name such as "valveindex" and device type such as "controller" on a PointerInput. Useful for client devs to customize input to work best with these devices.

Standard supported datamap keys will be put in the individual type's documentation, however you can put more data in and some input handlers may be able to use that data for better interactions.


modifyDatamap(Dictionary data)#

Merges the datamap of this InputMethod with data. Each key here will add to the datamap if not present and set the existing value if present. Any key not present in data will be unaffected.